Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Still the same

So I weighed in Friday morning and I weigh the same, I still weigh the same, I'm not gaining anything which to me is awesome how ever I am not loosing anything either, that sucks thou.

I am really trying to loose weight and I need to but this not loosing anything crap needs to stop. I know I have to give it time, it'll show. The thing that gets me is when I went in to the sleep doc, I had lost 5 lbs since the 1st time I went there, so that helps but why isn't my scale showing that???

I'm starting to wonder if I gave up coffee if that would help? I'm not to sure the world is ready for me not having coffee....lol

I'm hoping that in time now that school is almost over and more time to be out side, things will turnaround (I hope)

Thanks for checking in :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's been to long

Well we are just about done with the month of May, and I can honestly say that I am using the c pap machine just about every night and I am feeling so much better. When I went to the doctors last week he said I was down 5 lbs since the 1st time I was there. I thought that was pretty cool.  :)           

I am sorry for not staying on top of the blog thing, I started to get discouraged and felt as if I didn't have any news to share so why bother.  I am still trying to loose weight,   I have a friend living here now with us for the summer  which is a good thing, she is helping me eat better, exercise with and someone to vent with. Her and I have a bet going that who ever looses the most weight by Aug 31, the loser has to pay for the winner to get a pedicure. I hope it's me getting one I haven't had on in while.....LOL  I am going to try to keep up with my blog,  I have to weigh in tomorrow with my friend so I will up date then.                                                                                                                                           School is almost out for the summer and I am so looking forward to that, I'll be out side so much with the boys we'll be swimming at the lake, going for hikes and I think I might even get a bike too, I know I'm crazy but I want to loose the weight, not only for the pedicure but for my health.                   Until tomorrow :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

another week

Well I got my cpap machine on Monday and I wasn't able to sleep, its so weird, I had a hard time getting it to stay put, so I thought well it was my 1st night well ok I'll try again Tuesday night, Yea didn't work so well, so on Wednesday I called and I asked if there was a another size, well on Thursday The person came with a much better mask, I was able to sleep and so did the hubby.                                     I didn't use it Friday night and I find that I was ok, but I think I need to keep using it, but I'll tell you something, I feel like a complete ass with it, I actually get pissed at my self because I'm 32 and I let this happen to my self and my family.       I have been doing this diet thing and I am pissed I have only lost like 3 lbs in a month, What the hell?? I know I can't expect to loose it all at once but it seems like I'm not loosing anything at all and I am really started to get discouraged :(.                     I wish I could wake up and be a size 12 I'm not asking for size 2 please that is just crazy but a 12 would be great maybe even a 14.                                                                    I hope everyone has a great Easter, Thank you for checking in.......:)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Kids say the dardnest things

So I was at work today and I have to mention that there is 2 women that are preggers and a new sub that started yesterday that is due in April, so that is a total of 3 women are preggers.

So I was in kindergarten today and a little boy comes up to me and says...." do you have a baby in your belly too?" I was like "no"  then he says " why does your belly look like that then?" I say " I'm just fat lol"

So that's it........I am going to kick my own ass and get myself into shape, I don't want to look like I'm having a baby, not that it's a bad thing but HELLO I am not having one so why should I look like I do???

Well that's it for tonight

Have a good night

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Keeping at it

Hey Everyone,
Sorry it's been awhile, I have been ok, I was supposed to have met with the nutrition therapist yesterday (Wednesday) that never happened. Mike (hubby) suggested that I call the insurance company to make sure that the visit was going to be covered, well it wasn't the only way it would have been is if I was/ diabetic which I am not, so I cancelled the appointment, I don't have that kinda money to spend. So....What I am thinking is every once in awhile there is a nutrition person who comes to my work so maybe I could ask them questions and such.

I am still doing the diet thing, and I honestly feel like I can do this, I can I might forget to write, I might forget to weigh in, but the important part is to eat healthy, exercise which I have to say I need to work harder at, I feel like I need to wake up earlier so I can work out b4 work.
Now getting my butt out of bed is a hard thing to do, I have an addiction....I love my bed!!! :)

Monday I'll be Finally getting the sleep stuff, so hopefully after I have it and use it a bit I might be able to wake up earlier.

Well I need to run, Thanks for checking in :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

out of the loop

Sorry to have been out of the loop, It has been a great week, the weather was in the 80's and I wanted to be out side playing. 

I am very happy to report that....I bought a new pair of Capri's the other day I got the size that I was at and there too big, YEA!!!! I weighed my self this morning and the POS scale actually turned out to be fine is showing I'm weighing in at 226lbs. So I have actually lost 4 lbs since I started this journey. :)

I know it must seem weird after the issue with the wii fit bored saying I was 10lbs lighter, note to self.....don't go by something on a carpet. My scale is and was right the whole time.

I have a appointment with the nutrition therapist this week (as long as the insurance covers it) and hopefully I'll get on a plan that will work and start to show more results.
I have a feeling she's going to tell me to cut out coffee....OMG really? You don't want to see me without coffee, not a pretty picture. LOL.

Well the kids are after me to feed them, so Have a great Sunday.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Well today is week 3, I didn't weigh in today, I don't really have a reason to why other then I'll do it tomorrow instead,
I have been very busy today, its about 80 here and I love it, I have all the windows open and I am going to town on the house. Hubby took the rest of the plastic off the windows yesterday so I thought I would spend the day cleaning, yes cleaning, not out side doing yard work, not at the beach, not working but cleaning, well I guess that;s work...lol
I am sweating my butt off and I feel good, I think after the boys come home, we'll be going for a walk.

Lunch break is over, this house isn't going to clean its self...

Have a great day!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012


So Keeping with St.Patty's Day tomorrow I decided to write in green. I hope it's not to hard to read, 

I brook down and I tried something a friend of mine suggested, she told me that because my Wii fit board is on the rug maybe I should put my scale on the rug too and see what it reads, well I did and I am sooooooo Un~happy. I'm going on 2.5 weeks and I haven't lost anything.. NOTHING yes my wii says I have lost 9 lbs and that's great, but I put the scale on the rug and that too says I am down like 6 or so lbs then I weigh with the scale on the floor again and reality sinks in and I am still the same weight. :( 

I'm not sure how to take this information, I don't want to give up but I feel like WTF? 

What to do, what to do?  1 thing I am going to start doing now that the weather is getting better, I am going to go for a walk I'd be lieing if I said everyday but I'm going to TRY to go 3x's a week. Even for a little one, I want to work up to everyday starting with today. I have an idea for the kids (Michael and his friend) while on the walk, I am going to give them both a plastic bag and a list and on that list I m going to give them things like rocks flowers, pine cones, etc they need to find while we go for a walk.

I hope they have fun with it.

Thanks for checking in today :)

Have a good day

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

~ Spring has sprung ~

Hello friends,

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit, the weather around here has been fabulous and I haven't wanted to come in side, :)
The snow is almost gone in my yard, the birds and starting to come around a little more, and the sun has been warm and bright.

I am really  excited to post that according to the scale ( the crappy one) I have lost 3 lbs, but the wii fit says I'm now at........220 :) So if this is true I have lost 10 lbs since this all started. I will weigh in as planned on Wed morning and go from there.

Some of you have asked me why I like the Wii fit well it's like this, I can do it while I am home, the games are fun. The wii keeps track of my progress, gives me shit when I slack off :) LOL
My favorite things to do are the hula hoops, the dance steps, and the kung fu rhythm thing, I suck at it but I like it. 

I am really looking forward to getting out side more working in the yard, going for walks, and when the Summer hits hitting the lake with my " said friend": and her boy for our daily picnics :)

I will update tomorrow with the weekly weigh in.
Have a good night
Thanks for checking in :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A new Scale

The last time I did a body test on  the Wii was Tuesday night, I still did the workouts, but I wanted to give it a few days before I did a body test and I am glad I did. When I took the body test last night, I did great, for some of you, you know that the wii fit gives you a wii fit age, well I was 32 last night :) Yea my own age. The better part was they keep track of my weight and BWI and it said I had lost another 4lbs from Tuesday, I am 223lbs, wired right, well I think my bathroom scale is a POS ( Piece of shit) lol. 
I mentioned to Mike what I think and he says he noticed it too so I wonder.....am I actually 223???? I think I'm going to buy a new scale today and weigh my self tomorrow am and see for sure if the scale is right or the wii, I really hope it's the wii cause if I'm at 223 then I only need to loose  about 45 lbs :) ( hopefully more)

I will know for sure soon
Thanks for reading my post. Have a wonderful day!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

What a day

Hello my friends,

I didn't post yesterday cause there wasn't anything to post.
Today well was a great day!!!!

I have to say that I am so overwhelmed by all the people who are reading my blogs,  I can't believe that people actually want to here what's going on with me,

I have found that I have alot of support from people who I thought didn't seem to care much me or what's going on and it's awesome. Thank you for that. :)

I have been getting all kinds of ideas, and questions about why am I posting this for the world to see.... so I guess it's like this,

I have a problem and I am trying to work it out, I figure someone out there might be in the same situation and I want them to know they're not alone, I was and am ashamed of what has become of my body and health, I never in my life thought I would be as big as I am now, I thought it was because I had kids, well boy was I wrong.
I hate to look at my self in the mirror and that sucks. I hate getting my picture taken because I hate what I see. My husband has been wonderful he says he loves me for me, no matter what I look like, but really come on, let's be real....if I could be 50+ lighter he'd be happy. I'm not saying he's not happy but I know that if I was skinner he'd be liken it :)

I'm hoping in time I'll be able to look at my self and smile because I am changing my life for me and my family.

I post because it helps me get out what I am feeling and why I feel that way, I hope some time I'll be able to post actual progress pics, but not yet...lol

I have a favor to ask you all.....

I am looking for more healthy yummy things for lunch and dinner, so if there's something you really enjoy would you mind sharing?? Thanks

Well Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy life to read my post.

Have a wonderful night

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Week 1

The 1st week is over, I weighed in this morning, I haven't lost anything :( But I haven't gained anything either, so  I guess that's a plus,

I guess I just need to work even harder, 
I was kinda bummed out when I didn't loose anything yet, but YET is the word, I will, I know it. I have too.I want too :)

Thanks for checking in,

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A new Day

~ Everything went well last night, I tried the full mouth and nose mask and it scared the s*** out of me. When the women turned on the machine I thought I was going to have nervous break down, I thought someone was trying to suffocate me, then she had me try the nose one, that one worked well. 

I woke up once threw out the night, the mask and shifted and wasn't working right.
The next thing I knew she was waking me up at 5:30 am OMG :(
The women told me that......
I slept for 95 % of the time in rem, and once I found the "comfy spot" I was out in 2min, WOW

When I left I came home and got the boys ready for school, took a shower, brought them to school and then I came home and did NOTHING but watch GH from last week while Mike relaxed watching his car shows. it was much needed relaxation, and now I'm so ready for bed.

I weigh in tomorrow thou, not looking forward to it, kinda nervous about it, I really hope I have lost something......Not asking for lots but something. 

I'll check in tomorrow with the news,
Thanks for reading my blog ~

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sleep test again

~ So tonight I go for my 2nd sleep study with the mask thing. I'm not that nervous this time but I  doubt I will get any sleep. thank goodness I was able to work something out that I don't have to go in tomorrow. The last time I had it done I came home after getting the kids off to school and slept till like 11 or so I'm kinda thinking the same thing will happen tomorrow too,

Well Thanks for checking in Have a good night ~

Sunday, March 4, 2012

~ I have this friend, she is into this whole blogging thing and has lots of followers and comments and links and pictures, so I asked her to help me so she gets on my page and goes to town. 

While she's doing this keep in mind I'm out side shovelling my mess of a driveway from the last snow and rain mixture, you can assume that it's heavy..... cause it was. Ok so I'm out side and she's at her place in another state (just sayin)doing who knows what on my page, the next thing I know she's calling me to ask if I had  seen what she did yet? I was like um no I'm still shoveling, she was like "really it's been an hour since I called you"  I said I'm not done almost but, so anyway I come back in and check it out, the 1st thing I saw was the picture she posted, I was like "aahh ok so I have a face now, so I called her and I was like I didn't want a pic yet, so I think I made her feel bad cause when I got on this morning my pic was off :(
So "friend" I am sorry if I made you sad.

How ever, I did put one up today, the one I picked me, my husband and our boys and it was taken in 2009 right b4 we closed on our 1st home. The home we bought for our children to grow up in, learn to ride bikes in (which they did) the one we ride our quads around the yard in (which we do)  and the home I plan on growing old with my wonderful supportive husband and watching our grandchildren play in the yard. And that's more reason for me to loose weight, so I can be here to enjoy my life now and future and to remember the past.

Well Thanks for reading my blog today. ~

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Saturday

So Today was our Rec's last basketball game, I have loved watching the kids come together as a team, work hard, and have fun.

In April we'll be starting a Kick Ball team for a spring sport, really excited about that.

After B~ball the boys and I went food shopping.....I am proud to say that there wasn't any sweets bought today. I told the kids that what ever was left is all there is. I bought all kinds of fruits and veggies, yogurt's and better cereal. Ok so your thinking better cereal?? Yes I normally buy what the kids like and I eat it, so this time around I bought "Better" (healthy) cereal. We can add fruits to it, or eat it as it is.

You wanna here something funny??? I actually spent less money shopping today and didn't get any sweets then I normally do....Who knows maybe with this diet thing I'll save us some money too......BONUS!!!!!

I haven't went on the Wii yet today but I plan too soon.

Well that's it for now, I'll check back in either later today or tomorrow,

Thanks again for reading my blog <3

Friday, March 2, 2012

A great way to spend the day

    ~ Well it's Friday vacation time is almost over the kids have 1 last basketball game tomorrow. Monday we all go  back to school, and back to work for me :)

Today the kids and I were able to go sledding today, well they went sledding while helped make the hill better for them to sled on. They had so much fun, 

I used my Wii Fit today and according to that since the last time I was on I lost 3.5lbs.......:) so if that's true then 3lbs down 49lbs more to go  <3

I think starting tomorrow I'm going to keep track of what I eat for the day, Maybe if it's out there and I can see it for my self I'll cut some things out,  Then I can see how much I eat, and what I'm eating.

I went on Betty Crockers site tonight for a way to make ranch Chicken OMG it was Yummy, I used the ranch dressing and bread crumbs, had some nice carrots, and I had a squash and a zuquinni I have never been a fan of them before  and I actually ate them, not cause i like them but I knew it was good for me....:( Yea so I eat it and I still don't like them..LOL

After supper I was going to take the kids for an ice cream at Friendly's but instead I got them a frosty from Wendy's..:)  I took the kids to the Childrens Musume for Free Family fun night, It was awesome. The kids had fun, they met up with alot of thier friends there. 

So you know my "said Friend" well I think she's awesome, she's been giving me some advise about  ways to "shed" lbs, 

1. way was after my "normal" shower I turn the water as cold as I can handle and stand there for 60 secs, ok? So by doing this I should be able to "shed" 1 pound at a time, well needless to say I tried it and I swear I got frost bite....BBUURRRR I think I'll wait till Summer to try again.
Another thing she told me is if I put a little cinnamon on my food it'll help with the blood sugar.

And just tonight she told me that if I spin in circles I'll "shed" some lbs too, her husband said it best I'll shed it ok by well you can figure it out. LOL

Well that's it for tonight, thanks for taking time out of your day to read my blog ~ <3

Out and About

So with the amount of snow we got yesterday, We can FINALLY go sledding so when the kids are ready we'll be spending most of the day out side playing. I'm really looking forward to being out side  enjoying the day with my 2 boys.

The kids have coupons for free ice cream cones from Friendly's so I was thinking I might take them for that before we go to the Free Family Fun Night. While they have there treat I think I'll have some tea.

This vacation has been wonderful, I'm truly blessed that I have the job I have, when the kids are home so am I. I work while they are in school, talk about Mother's Hours <3.

On Monday I have my sleep test with the mask, the last time I had it I came home, got the kids ready for school and then I went back to bed for a while. This time I have to work Tuesday so if I'm a little off you know why.......Just give me a push in the right direction, you know who you are.... N.M, W.M, T.F and L.P,:)

Well time to get moving, I think I'm going to bust out a Wii Fit work out to get my blood moving,

Have a great day :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome to day 2.....

It's snowing here and I am really looking forward to getting out side to play, and by play I mean shovel. The kids want to go sledding I think that could happen. Our usual sled hill isn't up to par do to the lack of snow but we'll make due with what we have.
For now we are having a lazy morning I am making blue berry muffins for them for breakfast and I'm going to have a banana and a yogurt. 

I really was surprised to see the amount of people who read my blogs Thank you.

Well I'll update later, Have a good morning...

If you want to leave a (nice) comment please feel free to do so

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Night 1

Well as today is closing I thought I would jot down what I did today.....

Well I woke up to my wonderful hubby bringing me a yummy coffee in bed, then I got up fed my kids and the normal mommy thing, The kids and I are on Feb vacation this week,

I sat down and I had a bowl of raisin Bran Crunch and a banana....Ok that was good :)

Then our friends came over for a play date and we had pb&j's on wheat and cheese balls. I had a few....well that could have been a better lunch for me. but it was yummy.

Then time for snack.....OMG I love my friend she bakes Brownies for the kids to share which is awesome to start with but seeing the kids were at my house and she brought them here she's awesome. Well she also in her little bag of goodies were strawberries (fresh)  little candy toppers, fat free van fro yo. Brownie sundae's for snack oh yea Baby!!!!  And different kids of activities books for the kids.

Supper for me was a fresh salad and grilled left over chicken, and a glass of water.....:)

Ok the brownie Sunday part yea I know should I have eaten it no probably not was it good? oh yes very good, do I regret it?? NOPE cause it was my good bye for a while ice cream :)

I had a great day today with my loves and I know tomorrow will be even better.

Thank you for choosing to here my story, 

If you want to comment and it's a nice one please feel free to do so. :)

The story begins

Well today Feb 29th 2012 starts the 1st day of this whole experience. Here is my story....

I have 2 children who are 5 & 7 who are my world :) I'm 32 yrs old I'm a wife.

Just recently I had a sleep study to determine if I have sleep Apnea. about a week or so after the test the sleep doc calls and made a appointment to go over the results. Yesterday my husband and I went to here the news.....I have it, a mild case but I have it, I stop breathing 7-9 times an hour while I sleep,

Ok so I ask now what? What do we have to do to fix it?
Doc asks some questions about my everyday life, then says...."this is caused by weight" I am over weight, and I need to loose at least 1lb a week, that's 52 lbs in a year.If I push more then that it won't work. I have to go for another sleep test with a mask to see how much that helps before I start using it at home. 

I have to use a nasal spray now because I can't breath out my nose.
I'll have to see a nutrition therapist to help design a special diet for me, and maybe even a personal trainer, yes that sounds great but really?? It's come to this for me to take better care of my self, how can I be a good mom and wife to my family if I have this stuff going on? Well I guess in some aspect I am being a good mom cause I am trying to fix this, and loose the weight.

My plan for this blog is.....I am going to weigh in every Wed morning, and I'll keep track of it here. Its scary to have my friends and strangers know the real weight but maybe this will help me stay on track.

So for the 1st weigh in I'm at........230 YUCK!!!!
If I loose the 52 lbs in a year that will bring me too 178....:) Here's hoping

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments (nice) not Bad....
Thanks for listening to my story