Saturday, March 10, 2012

A new Scale

The last time I did a body test on  the Wii was Tuesday night, I still did the workouts, but I wanted to give it a few days before I did a body test and I am glad I did. When I took the body test last night, I did great, for some of you, you know that the wii fit gives you a wii fit age, well I was 32 last night :) Yea my own age. The better part was they keep track of my weight and BWI and it said I had lost another 4lbs from Tuesday, I am 223lbs, wired right, well I think my bathroom scale is a POS ( Piece of shit) lol. 
I mentioned to Mike what I think and he says he noticed it too so I I actually 223???? I think I'm going to buy a new scale today and weigh my self tomorrow am and see for sure if the scale is right or the wii, I really hope it's the wii cause if I'm at 223 then I only need to loose  about 45 lbs :) ( hopefully more)

I will know for sure soon
Thanks for reading my post. Have a wonderful day!!!

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  1. You know what would be awesome? A full review of the Wii fit (like a product review) once you've been doing it for a while. What's great, what's not, how many stars, that kind of thing. I'd be interested to see honest thoughts about it.

    The Tuckerbag


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