Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Still the same

So I weighed in Friday morning and I weigh the same, I still weigh the same, I'm not gaining anything which to me is awesome how ever I am not loosing anything either, that sucks thou.

I am really trying to loose weight and I need to but this not loosing anything crap needs to stop. I know I have to give it time, it'll show. The thing that gets me is when I went in to the sleep doc, I had lost 5 lbs since the 1st time I went there, so that helps but why isn't my scale showing that???

I'm starting to wonder if I gave up coffee if that would help? I'm not to sure the world is ready for me not having coffee....lol

I'm hoping that in time now that school is almost over and more time to be out side, things will turnaround (I hope)

Thanks for checking in :)