Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Night 1

Well as today is closing I thought I would jot down what I did today.....

Well I woke up to my wonderful hubby bringing me a yummy coffee in bed, then I got up fed my kids and the normal mommy thing, The kids and I are on Feb vacation this week,

I sat down and I had a bowl of raisin Bran Crunch and a banana....Ok that was good :)

Then our friends came over for a play date and we had pb&j's on wheat and cheese balls. I had a few....well that could have been a better lunch for me. but it was yummy.

Then time for snack.....OMG I love my friend she bakes Brownies for the kids to share which is awesome to start with but seeing the kids were at my house and she brought them here she's awesome. Well she also in her little bag of goodies were strawberries (fresh)  little candy toppers, fat free van fro yo. Brownie sundae's for snack oh yea Baby!!!!  And different kids of activities books for the kids.

Supper for me was a fresh salad and grilled left over chicken, and a glass of water.....:)

Ok the brownie Sunday part yea I know should I have eaten it no probably not was it good? oh yes very good, do I regret it?? NOPE cause it was my good bye for a while ice cream :)

I had a great day today with my loves and I know tomorrow will be even better.

Thank you for choosing to here my story, 

If you want to comment and it's a nice one please feel free to do so. :)


  1. Good luck Julie :-) we are rooting for you to be a happier healthier you! XOXO

  2. ok, just to be clear.... said "friend" brought over fat free frozen yogurt. :-)


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