Sunday, March 4, 2012

~ I have this friend, she is into this whole blogging thing and has lots of followers and comments and links and pictures, so I asked her to help me so she gets on my page and goes to town. 

While she's doing this keep in mind I'm out side shovelling my mess of a driveway from the last snow and rain mixture, you can assume that it's heavy..... cause it was. Ok so I'm out side and she's at her place in another state (just sayin)doing who knows what on my page, the next thing I know she's calling me to ask if I had  seen what she did yet? I was like um no I'm still shoveling, she was like "really it's been an hour since I called you"  I said I'm not done almost but, so anyway I come back in and check it out, the 1st thing I saw was the picture she posted, I was like "aahh ok so I have a face now, so I called her and I was like I didn't want a pic yet, so I think I made her feel bad cause when I got on this morning my pic was off :(
So "friend" I am sorry if I made you sad.

How ever, I did put one up today, the one I picked me, my husband and our boys and it was taken in 2009 right b4 we closed on our 1st home. The home we bought for our children to grow up in, learn to ride bikes in (which they did) the one we ride our quads around the yard in (which we do)  and the home I plan on growing old with my wonderful supportive husband and watching our grandchildren play in the yard. And that's more reason for me to loose weight, so I can be here to enjoy my life now and future and to remember the past.

Well Thanks for reading my blog today. ~

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  1. First of all, you never make me sad and I do like the picture you chose. Second, I'm going to beat you up if you don't start titling your posts:) Love you!

    The Tuckerbag


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