Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome to day 2.....

It's snowing here and I am really looking forward to getting out side to play, and by play I mean shovel. The kids want to go sledding I think that could happen. Our usual sled hill isn't up to par do to the lack of snow but we'll make due with what we have.
For now we are having a lazy morning I am making blue berry muffins for them for breakfast and I'm going to have a banana and a yogurt. 

I really was surprised to see the amount of people who read my blogs Thank you.

Well I'll update later, Have a good morning...

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  1. I take it you have a snow day. Or are you still on vacation? I can't keep your schedule straight. Have a lovely day.

  2. Yes we are still on vacation :) I just got done cleaning the youngest room. Now thinking about making some lunch and then heading out to play :)


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