Thursday, March 29, 2012

Keeping at it

Hey Everyone,
Sorry it's been awhile, I have been ok, I was supposed to have met with the nutrition therapist yesterday (Wednesday) that never happened. Mike (hubby) suggested that I call the insurance company to make sure that the visit was going to be covered, well it wasn't the only way it would have been is if I was/ diabetic which I am not, so I cancelled the appointment, I don't have that kinda money to spend. So....What I am thinking is every once in awhile there is a nutrition person who comes to my work so maybe I could ask them questions and such.

I am still doing the diet thing, and I honestly feel like I can do this, I can I might forget to write, I might forget to weigh in, but the important part is to eat healthy, exercise which I have to say I need to work harder at, I feel like I need to wake up earlier so I can work out b4 work.
Now getting my butt out of bed is a hard thing to do, I have an addiction....I love my bed!!! :)

Monday I'll be Finally getting the sleep stuff, so hopefully after I have it and use it a bit I might be able to wake up earlier.

Well I need to run, Thanks for checking in :)

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