Saturday, April 7, 2012

another week

Well I got my cpap machine on Monday and I wasn't able to sleep, its so weird, I had a hard time getting it to stay put, so I thought well it was my 1st night well ok I'll try again Tuesday night, Yea didn't work so well, so on Wednesday I called and I asked if there was a another size, well on Thursday The person came with a much better mask, I was able to sleep and so did the hubby.                                     I didn't use it Friday night and I find that I was ok, but I think I need to keep using it, but I'll tell you something, I feel like a complete ass with it, I actually get pissed at my self because I'm 32 and I let this happen to my self and my family.       I have been doing this diet thing and I am pissed I have only lost like 3 lbs in a month, What the hell?? I know I can't expect to loose it all at once but it seems like I'm not loosing anything at all and I am really started to get discouraged :(.                     I wish I could wake up and be a size 12 I'm not asking for size 2 please that is just crazy but a 12 would be great maybe even a 14.                                                                    I hope everyone has a great Easter, Thank you for checking in.......:)