Friday, March 2, 2012

A great way to spend the day

    ~ Well it's Friday vacation time is almost over the kids have 1 last basketball game tomorrow. Monday we all go  back to school, and back to work for me :)

Today the kids and I were able to go sledding today, well they went sledding while helped make the hill better for them to sled on. They had so much fun, 

I used my Wii Fit today and according to that since the last time I was on I lost 3.5lbs.......:) so if that's true then 3lbs down 49lbs more to go  <3

I think starting tomorrow I'm going to keep track of what I eat for the day, Maybe if it's out there and I can see it for my self I'll cut some things out,  Then I can see how much I eat, and what I'm eating.

I went on Betty Crockers site tonight for a way to make ranch Chicken OMG it was Yummy, I used the ranch dressing and bread crumbs, had some nice carrots, and I had a squash and a zuquinni I have never been a fan of them before  and I actually ate them, not cause i like them but I knew it was good for me....:( Yea so I eat it and I still don't like them..LOL

After supper I was going to take the kids for an ice cream at Friendly's but instead I got them a frosty from Wendy's..:)  I took the kids to the Childrens Musume for Free Family fun night, It was awesome. The kids had fun, they met up with alot of thier friends there. 

So you know my "said Friend" well I think she's awesome, she's been giving me some advise about  ways to "shed" lbs, 

1. way was after my "normal" shower I turn the water as cold as I can handle and stand there for 60 secs, ok? So by doing this I should be able to "shed" 1 pound at a time, well needless to say I tried it and I swear I got frost bite....BBUURRRR I think I'll wait till Summer to try again.
Another thing she told me is if I put a little cinnamon on my food it'll help with the blood sugar.

And just tonight she told me that if I spin in circles I'll "shed" some lbs too, her husband said it best I'll shed it ok by well you can figure it out. LOL

Well that's it for tonight, thanks for taking time out of your day to read my blog ~ <3

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  1. LOL!!! "Said Friend" is NOT, I repeat NOT a doctor. Just passing on what I've read... Really, I'm not just having Julie jump through hoops for my own amusement :-) These are little tricks that you can do in 1 minute that will add up over time. They are from the book, 1-Minute Weight Loss Cheat Sheet. (got it free on my Kindle)


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