Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A new Day

~ Everything went well last night, I tried the full mouth and nose mask and it scared the s*** out of me. When the women turned on the machine I thought I was going to have nervous break down, I thought someone was trying to suffocate me, then she had me try the nose one, that one worked well. 

I woke up once threw out the night, the mask and shifted and wasn't working right.
The next thing I knew she was waking me up at 5:30 am OMG :(
The women told me that......
I slept for 95 % of the time in rem, and once I found the "comfy spot" I was out in 2min, WOW

When I left I came home and got the boys ready for school, took a shower, brought them to school and then I came home and did NOTHING but watch GH from last week while Mike relaxed watching his car shows. it was much needed relaxation, and now I'm so ready for bed.

I weigh in tomorrow thou, not looking forward to it, kinda nervous about it, I really hope I have lost something......Not asking for lots but something. 

I'll check in tomorrow with the news,
Thanks for reading my blog ~

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